What to Look for When Choosing a Therapist

You know that uncomfortable feeling you get before you do something new, different or nerve-wracking? And then the feeling of relief the moment you do the new, different or nerve-wracking thing and realize, this is not so bad? That's what it's like for some people who find a therapist that's a good match. It's that good feeling you get when you connect with someone you just met. 

Feeling comfortable with your therapist is essential for therapy to work. It's important because it sets the foundation for feeling safe to talk about matters that are private to you, which will help you delve deeper into your feelings. You want to experience some level of trust from your therapist when starting out with them. Overtime, the trust can deepen, which can be life-changing. 

Note that even when you find the right therapist for you, it won't always feel comfortable during your sessions. Discerning if your uncomfortable feelings are due to what you're focusing on in therapy or if it's because you and your therapist may not be a good fit is important. Most therapist ask for feedback about your experience in therapy and for the first 3 to 4 sessions, will check in to see if you feel it is a good fit. From there on, if you feel uncomfortable during sessions, talk to your therapist about it. Much can be gained by exploring your discomfort.

During the free-15 minute free consultation phone call is when you can start to get a feel for what your therapist is like. Read my blog on "What to Talk about During the Phone Consultation," if you want more information.

Best wishes! You are on your way to transforming your life!