There is Hope!

ATP and Values

You feel frustrated and alone even though you're surrounded by people every day.  You give, help others, anticipate your partner's needs before your own and you like that about yourself because it's important to you. You hope that by giving and being supportive, that your boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, spouse will realize that that's what you want back from them. You've been patient, generous, setting aside your needs while hoping they'll reciprocate. Hoping that each time you prove how much you love them that they will love you back in the way you need to be loved.  

There is hope! I can help you transform yourself by 


Photo by DutchScenery/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by DutchScenery/iStock / Getty Images



How I Can Help You Heal Yourself

1. Understand the Problem

Understanding the problem will help you gain a clearer sense of why you feel the way you do. It will set the foundation for what we will target. I will use aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you identify thought patterns and beliefs that you have used to cope throughout your life.

2. Process Your Feelings

From feeling comes healing. Processing your feelings is an important step to break through the barriers and blocks that hinder your movement from out of the darkness. I will use Relational Therapy and EMDR or other therapeutic methods, such as Mindfulness and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to support you. We will move through this at a pace best suited for you. 

3. Reframe and Change

Reframing means looking at the issue from a different perspective. This will help the process of change to occur. While working through steps 1 and 2, you will begin to get in touch with your true self and will have a better idea about how to look at things differently to help with your process of change. 






You Feel Powerless, Unheard, Unappreciated in Your Relationships

Whether you feel this way with your spouse, boy/girlfriend, boss, coworker


You Feel Alone, Disconnected from Others and Don't Want to Trust Anyone

Feeling isolated, different from everyone, nobody understands you and you don't understand how most people can do what they do. 


You Feel Stuck, Confused about a Situation and Are Not Sure What Choices You Have or What to Do