There is Hope!

Helping You Heal Yourself

You’ve managed your anxiety and pulled yourself out of depression in the past but now it feels like the episodes are longer, more frequent and more intense.

There is hope for healing! I can help you heal using IFS (Internal Family Systems), other talk therapies and/or EMDR-AIP (Eye Movement Desensitization-Adaptive Information Processing). By enhancing your coping skills, uncovering and processing the source of your distress and looking at new perspectives, you can adopt methods of healing yourself outside of the therapy room. Below is a brief overview of how we can work together to help you gain insight and how I help you heal yourself. I invite you to schedule a free phone consultation or call me at 707-477-8957 to begin your journey of finding clarity, relief and joy.


Photo by DutchScenery/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by DutchScenery/iStock / Getty Images

How I Can Help You Heal Yourself

1. Understand the Problem

Understanding the problem will help you gain a clearer sense of why you feel the way you do. We will work together to help you identify thought patterns and beliefs you have used to cope throughout your life.

2. Process Your Feelings

From feeling comes healing. Processing your feelings is an important step to break through the barriers and blocks that hinder your movement. We will move through this at a pace that is best for you. 

3. Reframe and Change

Reframing or looking at the issue from a different perspective will help the process of change to occur. While working through steps 1 and 2, you will have likely gained more clarity and relief  and have uncovered more of your true self. This will open up new ideas and beliefs to help with your process of change.